What School of International Studies Offers You ?

School of International Studies LogoSOIS(School of International Studies) is an international institution which has flexible programs and courses to help students enhance their skills.  Moreover, students can get their personality enhanced after finishing the courses designed by SOIS. Nowadays, more and more parents want their children to go and study aboard in order to get certification and job  at an international level.

SOIS plays a crucial role in supporting students’ ideas and goals. Therefore, SOIS provides a pathway to world leading universities. Here, we have international degree containing both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Undergraduate program offers diploma in Management and diploma in IT and Computing and postgraduate program offers diploma in Strategic management.

We also provide foreign faculties.  Apart from that, we have free IELTS training course for the students.

Benefits of School of International Studies

  • Students can get foreign education by spending less money
  • Students can strengthen their  visa profile
  • Fast track courses are available(from 9 months to 12 months)
  • Students can study part time
  • Admission procedure is easy
  • We provide International certification in your home country.
  • There are no exams
  • You improve your chances of fetching a white collar job
  • We provide one on one coaching.

SOIS nourishes the future of students by provision of wide range of courses and helping them choose best as per their capabilities and making them successful individuals in life.

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