Diploma of Business Management (MBA) in India

Business is required everywhere and anywhere. It always has been and always will be. So no matter what your educational background is, having the skills and knowledge of how to manage in an international business environment will be a great benefit.

The School of International Studies (SOIS) offers you the best international Pathway Programs in India, to prepare you for a successful Business education overseas.



A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Educational Institutes in India will not be recognized overseas. We are offering you the start towards an international postgraduate degree abroad right here in India in our campus.

What you will study here at SOIS will be recognized all over the world. It will be the Pathway Program which will be accepted in any country in numerous Business-related fields.


We provide foundation levels like Level 4 (L4) and Level 5 (L5) in Business Management. We provide postgraduate, MBA level education like Strategic Management Level 7 (L7). All of it is taught by an international Faculty using the universities’ overseas syllabi.

Get the Best Pathway Programs you can study in India, and get your internationally recognized postgraduate MBA here, at SOIS.

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